Recruitment information by occupation

Education Gender
Working hours negotiable ~
  Company Name Recruitment Information Title Recruitment type Career Modification Date/Closing Date
Mpline Co., Ltd. Tax Refund Desk for Foreigners [Chinese or English/TaxRefund/Working 15-17 days]
Seoul Jung-gu | high school
Customer consultation, research, overall sales Regardless of experience correction 07.20 deadline Permanent recruitment
gogo factory Looking for office workers for used phones, SIM sales, and telecommunication-related tasks.
Seoul Gangnam-gu | University (2-3 years) graduation
sales, sales 1 year↑ correction 07.03 deadline When hiring
Pinogen Agricultural Corporation Overseas marketing sales, recruitment of new/experienced employees.
North Gyeongsang Province Andong City | Regardless of academic background
sales, sales Regardless of experience correction 04.20 deadline Permanent recruitment