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You can sign up for private health insurance products (injury, disease) when using Job&Shop during the 7-month health insurance restriction period after entering Korea.

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Korea is currently
Due to the demographic cliff, there is a shortage of manpower in the industry.
High-paying jobs are on the rise, mainly in the provinces.

< Changes in the recruitment of industrial technical manpower in the 12 major industries > Source: Ministry of Employment and Labor
2022 Second Half Labor Force Survey Results for Businesses by Occupation

New news to watch out for

E-9 visa workers can also change to D-2 (Korean student)
    Hourly wage increase for part-time jobs in 2024
  • Provision of part-time job items and information on public holidays during the vacation period
  • Hourly wage (hourly wage) increase for part-time jobs in 2024 Hourly wage 9,860 won
  • Minimum monthly wage during vacation period: KRW 2,060,760 (2.5 increase from 2023)
    Expansion and reinforcement of support for foreign students studying at local universities
  • From 2023, Jeonbuk-do will support housing expenses for foreign students with excellent grades at each university.
  • Permitted part-time employment hours for associate degree and bachelor's programs expanded from 20 → 25 hours per week (D-4 Topic level 3 or higher) to 25 → 30 hours (D-2).
  • During vacation, internships in E7 employment types are available, and opportunities for practice equal to those of Korean nationals are provided.
    The benefits of further strengthening Korean language skills also increase.
    • As of 2022, there are more than 60 Korean language schools in each region of Korea.
    • After studying Korean, a short-term comprehensive visa (C-3) for 90 days or a general training visa (D-4) for more than 6 months is available.
    Expansion of benefits for overseas Korean D2, D4 visa holders
  • Improving visa issuance procedures for Koreans with foreign nationality and improving immigration convenience
  • Convenient work visit (H-2) and overseas Korean (F-4) visa issuance procedures
  • Under the Overseas Koreans Act, overseas Koreans (F-4) visas are issued to overseas Koreans up to the 4th generation.
  • Reduction of visa reissuance application period for those departing from the country whose working visit (H-2) expired

100% of science and engineering graduates can be employed

Average wage: KRW 2,750,000 per month ~


GNI in 12 countries/monthly income per person

($) Monthly Income($) annual income
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • russia
  • Mongolia
  • vietnam
  • china
  • Indonesia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • korea

Part-time jobs available during the semester

International students holding a D-2 visa start from the first semester.
It's possible right away

Surveys and surveys;
education and language, professional skills;
Services and restaurants, etc.
You can choose a part-time job that suits you by choosing a variety of industries.
(May vary for each university)

Part-time job during vacation

Manufacturing service industry Agriculture
Hourly wage: 10,000 won~ Minimum hourly wage 9,860 won~ Daily wage 130,000 won
Depends on part-time job hours 130,000 Won
(Including Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and vacation periods)
= Approximately 24,050,000 won

Various foreign student scholarship programs

  1. 1. Admission Scholarship
  2. 2. grade scholarship
  3. 3. language proficiency scholarship
  4. 4. On-Campus Work Scholarship
  5. 5. Regional and Municipal Scholarships
Various scholarship systems are available for each school.

What to prepare and average preparation time for studying abroad in Korea

preparation for selection
Choose your school and major
Waiting for entrance exam and pass
Visa application and preparation
  • Fill out your college application
  • Personal Statement and Letter of Recommendation Request
  • Choose your target school
  • Check options such as dormitory/scholarship system/English lectures, etc.
  • major decision
  • Varies according to university and major admission period
  • Including entrance exam preparation period
  • It generally takes 1-2 months from application to issuance of D-2 visa
  • Preparation for tuition, lodging, health checkup, flight schedule, etc.

Although there are individual differences, in order to study in Korea
It is known that it takes from 6 months to 1 year on average.

If this whole process is with Job&Shop
Easier and faster to progress

Essential information and events for international students

Recommended for international students (D2,D4) part-time jobs
  • Provide part-time job items and information during vacation period and public holidays
  • Hourly wage increase for part-time jobs (hourly wage) in 2024 9,860 won per hour
  • Minimum monthly wage during vacation period: KRW 2,060,760 (2.5 increase from 2023)
1:1 study abroad consulting in each home country
  • Student visa document consultation
  • Student visa agency service
  • Consulting each university according to individual conditions (dormitory, scholarship, etc.)
Every year, job fairs are held throughout Korea.
  • Held an exhibition sponsored by the Korean government
  • Job Fair Platforms (Corporate job placement in each Korean region)
Job Seeker Participation Event
  • Counseling with companies affiliated with universities in each region of Korea (Job and Shop)
  • Recommendation of companies related to science and engineering departments at each local university (Job and Shop)
  • Event information, including recommendations for government-led job fairs
  • Easy but highly paid part-time job recommendations
  • 1:1 customized consulting for studying abroad

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